Agate From the Big Bend Region But Not Sorted by Ranch

Buckets of Agates that have Been Cut.
23 buckets available at $200 each.
These buckets of agates and jaspers that have been cut were either found in the Big Bend by me or purchased as part of a Big Bend-area collection sold to me by Alpine resident Tammy Belk in 2005 – 2007.  They were cut because they were interesting and looked like they’d make good cabs.  Some of them have one cut, and some have many cuts. 
Buckets of Agate from the Front of the Antelope Lodge.
4 buckets available at $150 each.
Buckets of agate that came from the rock piles at the front of the Antelope Lodge.  These rocks were collected at least 20 years ago by a Big Bend resident who donated them anonymously to the Texas Big Bend Gem and Mineral Society.  The Society put them in front of the Antelope Lodge office and we sold them $2 per lb.  When the club disbanded, I bought the remainder.  These are little agates, generally, but very colorful and solid.  They could have come from any of the following Texas agate fields:  Stillwell, Woodward, Walker, Red House, Ritchie, Larremore, Anderson, Y bar O, ME, Bishop, Singleton, Needle Peak, Lajitas, Balmorhea,  or Agua Fria.  They could have also come from Mexico.   It would be possible for an expert on the agates of the Big Bend to identify the specific ranch where some of them are likely to have come from.
Buckets of agate either sorted by color or simply marked  ‘mixed’ or ’misc’.    Resorted into buckets according to the ranch they came from.
Currently unavailable as I re-sort them to remove the Walker Ranch agate.  All agates left from that sort will be available as “Misc Agate, no Walker Ranch” at $100 per bucket.
These buckets contain agate from some of the local ranches, and small lots that I purchased or was given.  Most of this will be agate from the Big Bend, but there could be some from Mexico or other locations in the U.S. in the buckets.  The agates were packed some time ago, and for that reason I think they don’t have any material from the South Larremore Ranch, Singleton Ranch, or Stillwell Ranch in them, which means they would probably contain agate from the Ritchie Ranch, East Needle Peak, the Woodward Ranch and the Walker Ranch.  An expert on the agates of the Big Bend of Texas could probably identify the ranches here most of the agate came from.
Buckets of petrified wood with some part of the wood agatized.   
36 buckets available at $150 each.
Very neat pieces.  All sorts of color combinations.
Buckets containing flint or jasper.  
2 buckets available at $150 each.  
These materials were packed about 15 years ago, so I’m not sure how much of the mix is flint and how much is jasper, but I would think that it’s probably 80% jasper and 20% flint.
Buckets of agate nodules.