Agates and Specimens from Mexico

Buckets of Mexican agate from the collection of Margarita Gardner. 3 buckets available at $175 each.
Ms. Gardner’s late husband dealt in agates from Mexico on a wholesale basis.  He bought by the ton or pickup load and sold them the same way.   When Mr. Gardner died, his widow Margarita sold me all the agate that was in the yard.   Because no one had been buying by the pound, no one had gone through the agates that were left in his backyard.  So I got some spectacular material, including agates, jaspers, petrified woods, and fossils.  There is Night & Day plume (black and white), crazy lace agate,  petrified wood pieces and full rounds, pastel banded agates, and lots of other types.
Buckets of Agate from Mexico, Purchased from Mexican Vendors.  
2 buckets available at $150 each.
These were sold to me by a variety of people who came up from Mexico with minerals for sale.  Filemon Gonzales, Trinidad Ruiz, and Wenceslao Guevara all sold me agates from Mexico at different times. While these are not the quality of Coyamito or Laguna fortification agates, they are very nice as a whole.
Buckets of Oyster Shell Fossils from Mexico. 
9 buckets available at $80 each. Mostly large impression fossils.
Buckets of Amethyst Pieces from Mexico.   
2 buckets available at $200 each. These are large pieces, with the basalt rock or rhyolite as a matrix. Most are not geodes, but pieces of geodes that can be basically flat or curved like part of a geode.
Buckets of Geodes of all Sizes from Mexico.  
Buckets of Calcite Specimens from Margarita Gardner.    
1 bucket available at $100 each.
Specimens are both large and small, almost all speleothems.
Buckets of Peacock Ore, Obsidian and Other Specimen Material from Mexico.  
1 buckets available at $200 each.
Buckets of Azurite and Chrysocolla Specimens from Mexico.   
2 buckets available at $100 each. these are NOT solid specimens. They are seams of chrysocolla on a matrix, and crystals of azurite on a matrix.
Currently stored in a 17.5 gallon barrel and a 5-gallon bucket.
Bucket of Fossil Shells from Mexico.  
Bucket of Miscellaneous Rocks.   
Bucket of Specimens.