Big Bend Area Specimens

Quartz Crystal Specimens from the Big Bend.   Also may contain calcite, aragonite, and basalt host rock

Full buckets $150 each. Half buckets $85 each 

All of the ranches that I’ve rockhunted on in the Big Bend have quartz crystal specimens of some type.  Many occur in conjunction with cutting material, and would therefore be included in the cutting material buckets.  Others, however, are in the form of geodes, surface coatings on other types of rock, all sorts of shapes made of chalcedony and covered with crystals, or small individual crystals, which have broken away from some sort of crystal formation on which they grew.  A bucket of these crystal specimens may contain material from several different ranches.  The crystals may be clear, white, yellow, orange, grey, blue, or purple (amethyst).  Some of the specimens will also have other minerals, such as calcite or aragonite, as part of them.   If you wish, I can try to send you a bucket or half bucket of geodes, or of some other type of specimen.   I collected most of these specimens, and they were selected because they were interesting.