Some information about my rockhunt calendar:

  1. If you don’t see the month you are interested in, please click on the “Prev” and “Next” buttons on the top of the calendar page to move to the month you’re searching for. The calendar has been published through April, 2017.  I should have hunts in May, 2017, but I’m waiting for some clarifications before I publish that schedule.
  2. If no one signs up for a rockhunt a week in advance of the hunt, it will be cancelled. Once a hunt has been cancelled, it can’t be “un-cancelled”. I will note cancellations on the calendar on my website if I have time, but I may not always be caught up on this so email me if you have questions.
  3. To reserve a space on a rockhunt, email me at as soon as you decide you want to go – or even might want to go. If you don’t get a response in a couple of days, email again.  If I’m home, I check my email at least twice a day and always check my “junk mail” folder.  If you don’t get a response the second time, call me.  There are occasions when I may not get an email, and if no one else has signed up for that hunt, I’ll cancel it since I don’t know you want to attend.  And remember to check whether my reply to your email is in your junk folder.
  4. When you send me an email to sign up for a rockhunt, please include the phone number of a cell phone that you will have with you. That will allow me to get in touch with you in case of inclement weather, etc.
  5. In case of bad weather, hunts may be postponed until later in the day or cancelled. This will be done as a group decision of all the people signed up for the field trip.  I’ve gone hunting in the pouring rain, fog, and snow.  Most of the times those conditions don’t last all day, but sometimes they can, and you could be cold and miserable.  It’s also hard to rockhunt in the snow because you can’t see the rocks on the ground.
  6. You can elect to cancel any hunt up to the day of the hunt. Please let me know by email or phone as soon as you decide to cancel.  That saves me from preparing for field trips that won’t happen (if you’re the only one signed up), or from waiting for you and holding up everyone else on the trip.
  7. Please let me know if you have any special requests. I can sometimes schedule a hunt for you on a day other than the ones shown on the calendar.  Some locations are better for people with limited mobility, etc.  I’ll be glad to accommodate you if I can.

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6 thoughts on “Calendar

    • Yes, there’s lots of good material here to collect. There are several reasons for this: First, Texas is private land, so it hasn’t been overhunted in the past, as some public land sites have been. Second, the geological layers that contain the agate seem to be very deep in many places, and certainly extensive in their surface area. Third, each time it rains here, the rain removes dirt and moves it downhill. This buries a few agates and uncovers many more. Wind also removes loose dirt and deposits it someplace else (perhaps East Texas?), thus uncovering agates not previously seen. And, fourth: there are new locations being discovered that have not been hunted in living memory. One of these is the South Larremore Ranch, which only opened up last year, and is quite lush with agate in many places. There are also new areas that are discovered on ranches that have been hunted for years. For example, the Singleton Ranch is over 10 sections (6,500 acres), and although I’ve tried, I haven’t walked all of the hills and ravines there yet. There may still be huge new agate areas that I’ve simply not located yet.

    • Hi Jana! The rockhunt on the 24th of March is at the Singleton Ranch. There was an error on the schedule I put in the blog. I’ve corrected that now, and I’ve also contacted everyone who signed up for the rockhunt on that date to make sure the Singleton is where they wanted to go. If the want to go to the Larremore, I may be able to schedule a trip with Jean Larremore for that day. It’s my error and I want to make it work out for everyone.

  1. Do you plan to have hunts scheduled for November of 2017? I hunted 4 wonderful days with you in November of 2015!

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