Update for Walker Ranch Rockhunt, October 11 – 13, 2013.

Email sent Tuesday, 9/3/13

As of now, we have 13 eople signed up plus 3 maybes.  Here’s the list of people who have signed up.  If you’ve sent me an email and are not on the list, please email me again.

Allen, Randy:    1 person for 3 days

Allison, Linda   1 person for 2 days

Ash, Bill           2 people for 3 days

Brownfield, Steve & Annabel   2 people for 3 days

Dillon, Matt     1 person for 3 days

French, Johnny            1 person for 3 days

Herrick, James            1 person for 3 days

Kendall, Jim     1 person for 3 days

Maple, Julia     1 person for 3 days

Tindell, Ed        1 person for 3 days

Waugh, Steve  1 person for 3 days




Green, Ralph

Steele, TM

Welch, Bob

Roberts, Terry 3 people for 3 days


Although this is the start of a good turnout, it’s not enough for the trip to “make”.    We need 7 more signups at least for the trip to happen.  If possible, I would like to have them by this Thursday (yep, day after tomorrow) as I’m leaving on Friday for two weeks.


I’ll be out of town from 6th to 23rd, so there will be no emails from me in that time.  That’s why I want to know that the trip will happen, as the attendees need to make their plans.


If you are on the list of those who are coming, please send me your deposit of $75 per person.  Make the check out to Bryan Crumpton, and send it to me, Teri Smith, at 509 N. 8th Street, Alpine, TX  79830.  If the field trip does not happen, I’ll either void checks and destroy them, or void them and mail them back to you (your choice).


For those who are interested, dry camping on ranch is okay, either with a tent or a small trailer or RV.  Large trailers and RVs may have difficulty with the road coming in.


I am working on other field trips around the same time.  There’s also a possibility that the Walker Ranch can be open during the week before the announced field trip for a couple of days, if you want to hunt longer than 3 days, or can’t make it on the weekend.

Hope to hear from a bunch of you soon.  We had a great time during the spring hunt, and lots of spectacular rocks were found.  It should be just as much fun this time!



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