Walker Ranch Rockhunt is a GO!

t’s certainly not too late to decide to come to Alpine for the wonderful rockhunts scheduled during April.  The schedule is available on my website, www.terismithrockhunts.com, or I can send it to you by email if you request it.  Then just email me at agatehunter@sbcglobal.net to tell me you want to come.

Here is the list I currently have of rockhounds attending the 6-day Walker Ranch rockhunt:

Blansett, Mike:  1 person, 2 days, not paid.

Cantou, Pierre:  1 person, 3 days, paid in full.

David, Ken:  1 person, 1 day, not paid.

Foegelle, Thomas & Bobbie:  2 people, 3 days, not paid.

French, Johnny:  1 person, 6 days, paid in full.

Harmsen, Danny:  1 person, 3 days, paid in full.

Huizinga, Brad: 2 people for 2 days, not paid.

Lepine, Geof:  3 people, 4 days, not paid.

Molina, Gilbert:  1 person, 3 days, $75 deposit paid.

Rivet, Ken & Sandy:  2 people, 2 days, not paid.

Roberts, Terry:  1 person, ? days, not paid.

Rupp, Ted:  2 people, 3 days, paid in full.

Smith, Troy & Lenora:  2 people, 3 days, paid in full.

Tindell, Ed:  1 person, 6 days, paid in full.

Tirey-Butler, Lisa:  1 person, 4 days, paid in full.

Waugh, Steve:  1 person, 3 days, paid in full.

Welch, Bob:  1 person, 3 days, not paid.

Wilkerson, Kenneth:  1 person, 6 days, not paid.

For those who have not sent in their deposit, remember that if you send the whole amount, rather than just the half required for a deposit, by next Thursday, March 20, you will get to hunt on Monday, April 21 for free!!

Send the deposit/whole amount in a check made out to Bryan Crumpton, to Teri Smith at 509 N. 8th Street, Alpine, TX  79830.

And for those coming to town early, the rockhunt for Monday, April 14 has been set:  Johnny French will take a bunch of us to hunt for Balmorhea Blue agate on the edges of the county roads near Toyah in Reeves County.  As we will be hunting on the roads, the hunt is free.  We’ll meet at the Antelope Lodge in Alpine at 8 a.m.

I look forward to seeing y’all here for a great set of rockhunts!




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