Walker Ranch Rockhunt: 41 People Signed Up So Far!

Here is the list I currently have of rockhounds attending the 6-day Walker
Ranch rockhunt:  Payments reflect everything I’ve received to date.

Allen, Randy:  2 people, 2 days, $150 paid.
Blansett, Mike:  1 person, 2 days, not paid.
Cantou, Pierre:  1 person, 3 days, $150 paid.
David, Ken:  2 people, 1 day, not paid.
Durning, Matt:  1 person, 3 days, $150 paid.
Ellis, Joe:  1 person, 3 days, $150 paid.
French, Johnny:  1 person, 6 days, $220 paid.
Foegelle, Thomas & Bobbie :  2 people, 3 days, payment en route.
Harmsen, Danny:  1 person, 3 days, $150 paid.
Huizinga, Brad:  2 people, 2 days, not paid.
Jordan, Ray & Martha:  2 people, 3 days, $300 paid.
Kosnick, Rob:  1 person, 3 days, not paid.
Lepine, Geof:  3 people, 4 days, not paid.
Molina, Gilbert:  1 person, 3 days, $75 paid.
Moore, Rodney:  2 people, ? Days, not paid.
Mounce, JoAnn & Kevin:  2 people, 6 days, 440 paid.
Rivet, Ken & Sandy:  2 people, 5 days, $225 paid.
Roberts, Terry:  1 person, 6 days, $220 paid.
Rupp, Ted & Janet:  2 people, 3 days, $300 paid.
Smith, Troy:  2 people, 3 days, $300 paid.
Sorenson, Jim & Carmen:  2 people, 6 days, $220 paid.
Spencer, Al:  1 person, 3 days, $150 paid.
Stroud, La Donna:  1 person, 6 days, $220 paid.
Tindell, Ed:  1 person, 6 days, $220 paid.
Tirey-Butler, Lisa:  1 person, 4 days, $150 paid.
Waugh, Steve:  1 person, 3 days, $150 paid.
Welch, Bob:  1 person, 3 days, $75 paid.
Wilkerson, Kenneth:  1 person, 6 days, $220 paid.

It’s certainly not too late to decide to come to Alpine for the wonderful rockhunts scheduled during April.  The schedule is available on my website, www.terismithrockhunts.com, or I can send it to you by email if you request it.  Then just email me at agatehunter@sbcglobal.net to tell me you want to come.

For those that have not paid: Please don’t make your check out to me.  If you do, I’ll have to return it and ask for one made out to Bryan Crumpton.  Since I don’t make any money from the rockhunts, my accountant has advised me not to deposit any checks from rockhunters into my own accounts, as that will cause the IRS to believe that I make money from the hunts.

On the first day that you’re hunting, meet me at 8 a.m. at the Antelope Lodge to sign release forms, and make any additional payments necessary.   Then we’ll go to the ranch as a group.  I’ll give you the combination and show you how to work the lock, then take you to the camping area where you can listen to me tell you how to find the agate and where most of it is.  Then you can come and go on your own.

Remember also that there are great hunts both before and after the Walker Ranch hunt:  The Singleton Ranch, East Needle Peak and the roads of Reeves County.  Look on my website for further information about those hunts!

See you in a month!


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