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I’m Teri Smith, and I lead rockhunting field trips to several locations in the Big Bend region of Texas.  In the past 15 years, I have led over 800 field trips, helping both novices and advanced rockhounds find agate and other collectible rocks.  I am able to take you to private ranches where there are abundant deposits of agate, jasper, petrified wood, calcite, selenite, aragonite, and fossils, and I will help you locate the best pieces for your collection, or show you how to start a collection.

TeriTeri and her Big Rock - Ritchie Ranch

For me rockhunting is a labor of love. I don’t make any money from it, unless you choose to give me a gratuity at the end of the hunt. All the fees collected go to the landowner or the Rollin’ Rock Club. I’m willing to take just one person or a whole group rockhunting.  During the cooler months (from about October 1 to May 31) I can often lead a trip or two whenever you can get out here, provided you can give me a week or 10 days’ notice.  You can also join a trip that’s already been set up.  Check the “Calendar” section of this website to see what’s been scheduled.  I don’t lead field trips in the summer months.  I also don’t lead field trips during mule deer hunting season, which runs from Thanksgiving to about December 10.

All of my rockhunts are sponsored by the Rollin’ Rock Club, and RRC membership is a requirement for the hunts, unless you belong to one of the Texas clubs which has declared that my field trips are official field trips for their club.  RRC membership is $10 -$16 per year and you can join at the time of the field trip.

If you belong to a Texas gem and mineral club, you probably know someone who has gone rockhunting with me.  If not, my rockhunts have been featured in articles in Rock & Gem magazine (May 2009 and September 2015) and Texas Highways (February 2010).  I’m also in the newest version of the Gem Trails of Texas book, written by Brad Cross.

I’m able to do all of this because I have a patient, loving family, and because our motel, the Antelope Lodge in Alpine, TX, is where a lot of rockhounds choose to stay.  There’s a link to the Lodge website in the Links section.

Feel free to browse around the website to see what the ranches and rockhunts are like, and view photos of some of the rocks that have been found out here.  Then email or call me to set up your own rockhunt!

If you are a Big Bend landowner, I can help you make money from the collectible rocks on your ranch.  See the “Landowners” section of this website for further information.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Met Teri on my last trip to W. Tx. and you couldn’t ask for a better guide. She’s very knowledgable and pleasant. Hope to make the trip again soon.

  2. George Colvin
    Just got home San Antonio, started reviewing finds and am impressed. A frend and I were with you the last two days on two different ranches one near Terlingua and the other in Alpine.
    We found geodes, an oster, banded agets, red green and yellow aget and petrified sharks’ teeth. A person in our party even found an almost perfect arrowhead. We did find imperfect or parts of some arrowheads. We found everything you showed us to look for.

  3. I finally was able to make a trip in April. I had been trying for over a year but my work schedule kept getting in the way. We went to the S Larremore Ranch. Teri was a perfect guide. I found black dendritic agate, red and gold moss agate, white fortification agate,and one beautiful and rare salmon colored fortification agate. There was lots of agatized wood with multiple colors. Loved it. I plan on returning next year to visit more sites. Thanks Teri for your labor of love!

  4. Yes, Dear Teri cause I feel I almost know you. Many of our friends Adam Dean, Jim Pucket, Darwin Dillon, just to verify a definite life-long avocation. please inform me when a current trip rooster appears. P. S my family In East Texas are differently interested.
    Thanks Sharon & Robert Burson

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