Read Me First

I’m selling my collection of rocks picked up through 20 years of leading Big Bend Rockhunts,  and of purchasing other peoples’ collections.  There are some excellent agates and other things in this collection, and many are from ranches that can’t be accessed for rockhunting any more.   Most of the agates I found myself.  If I purchased the agates, that will be listed in the description.


The rocks listed are available only in 5-gallon bucket-sized lots at this time.  A 5-gallon bucket is priced as if it contains 50 lbs. of rocks.  But really, most buckets contain around 60 lbs of rock. To purchase buckets of rocks, send me an email at telling me what you want, how you wish to pay, and how I should deliver it to you.    I accept checks and PayPal.

I am currently in Alpine, and I will probably remain in Alpine throughout the month of May even if travel restrictions are lifted. After that my son Austin will be living in Alpine part time and can sell buckets to you. 


Right now, with the pandemic, your only immediate shipping option is for me to ship the rocks to you via USPS at a cost of $50 per bucket. That’s $42.20 for postage, and $7.80 for supplies and my time. Your rocks will arrive in 3 or 4 days in in 2 large, USPS flat-rate boxes. It takes me an hour or so to pack a bucket’s worth of rocks into the boxes and tape it up with enough filament tape to make sure it will get to you in perfect condition.  So far, I’ve shipped out more than 40 boxes, and all have arrived safely with no damage or loss to the rocks.

Or, you can have me hold them for you until we can travel again, and we can make arrangements for you to pick them up in Alpine, TX.
Or, you can have my son Austin take them to his house in Kerrville, TX (near San Antonio) and pick them up there.   Or, you can have me take them to Hollister, CA in June and pick them up there.  To do that, I’d like a payment of half the value of your order.

Other Things for Sale

I have additional items that I wish to sell that will be available in Mid-May.  For example, I have lots of rock cutting and polishing equipment to sell, and lots of labradorite from the Woodward and Walker Ranches.   I have beautiful manmade slag glass at $6 per lb. if you buy up to 20 lbs., and $4 per lb. if you buy more than that.  I have the huge Singleton Ranch botryoidal geode that needs to be put back together.  I have larger pieces of agate (from 10 to about 300 lbs) that I’ll sell individually for $2 per lb. (most of it) to $10 per lb. (a couple of big black plume pieces).  I have some agate from the Gila National Forest that I’ll be giving away to rock clubs and people who buy other agates.

I will probably have lots of other goodies for sale as I clean out my home and garage.   I will post this email on my website and send out other emails when I have new items available.