Read Me First

I’m selling my collection of rocks picked up through 20+ years of leading Big Bend Rockhunts, and of purchasing other peoples’ collections.  There are some excellent agates and other things in this collection, and many are from ranches that can’t be accessed for rockhunting anymore.   Almost all of the agates I found myself. 


The rocks listed are available in two different quantities:  a full 5-gallon bucket, and half of a 5-gallon bucket. 

A 5-gallon bucket is priced as if it contains 50 lbs. of rocks.  But really, most buckets contain around 60 lbs of rock. A full bucket can be shipped to you easily in two USPS large, flat-rate Priority mail boxes for $50.

Half of a 5-gallon bucket is usually between 25 and 30 lbs, and can easily be shipped to you in one USPS large, flat-rate Priority mail box for $25.

To purchase rocks, send me an email at, or text or call me at (432) 386-3431.I need to know what you want, how you wish to pay, and how I should deliver it to you.    I accept checks, PayPal and Zelle for remote payments, and cash also if you are picking up your rocks here in Alpine.

I live in Alpine for only part of the year, in Spring and Fall.  Then I have easy access to most all my collection.  In winter and summer, I’m in California, and I have a limited collection of agates that I can send you from there.


Shipping via USPS has worked out well for me.  I’ve sent several hundred boxes of rocks that way (my letter carrier has a special hand truck to handle the pickups from my house) and only have had 2 damaged boxes.  Your rocks will arrive in 3 or 4 days, and I’ll give you a tracking number when I ship them. It takes me an hour or so to pack a box of rocks and tape it up with enough filament tape to make sure it will get to you in perfect condition. 

If you’re coming to Alpine, you can look at the rocks available and take them with you.  Occasionally, my son goes to Kerrville, TX and we can make arrangements for him to take your rocks with him and you can pick them up there.  I also drive between Texas and California twice a year, and if you live near I-10, I can possibly bring buckets with me.

Labradorite for faceting

I have labradorite for sale from the Woodward and Walker Ranches.  This labradorite is a clear yellow feldspar which facets and polishes beautifully.  I sell it for 25 cents per gram in 100-gram lots for $25.  The pieces range in weight from about 2.5 grams up to over 10 grams.  If you’re interested in purchasing some, let me know and I’ll assemble a lot, photograph it, and email you the photo so you can see what you’ll be getting.  In general, I’ll be selling the largest pieces first, so now is the time to get some!  Shipping will be $5 for the first lot, and $1 additional for each additional lot.