Agates and Specimens from Ranches Now Closed for Rockhunting

Buckets of cutting agate from the Walker Ranch. 
I hope to gather enough agate from the buckets of ‘misc. agate’ to have several more buckets of Walker Ranch agate to sell. Based on what I’ve already discerned from going through about 15 buckets, I should be able to glean maybe 10 or so buckets of Walker Ranch agate out of the other agates. When I have them, they will be $250 each.
Buckets of agate from the Woodward Ranch. 
Buckets of plume agate.   
Buckets of Singleton Ranch agate.   
10 unsorted buckets available at $125 each. Or, for $250, get a sorted bucket that’s got the best cutting agate from 2 buckets of unsorted Singleton Ranch agate.
This ranch was south of Marfa, and comprised 10 sections.  It was very prolific, with 4 major agate fields that ranged in size from about 200 acres to over 640 acres.  These buckets are where I put the agate and other things I found at the end of each day’s hunting.  It took me 3 or 4 days of hunting to fill up a bucket.  I did not search through these buckets and sort out the agates after I put them in the buckets.  The agate included in the buckets can be bouquet agates in colors of yellow, peach, pink, orange , blue, green, red, and lavender.  There are also lots of black and white plume agates, and some of the black plume has hematite in it.  There are great fortification agates, water-level agates, and moss agates.  One lovely stone included in the buckets is a breccia of what looks like a common opal that’s been filled in with chalcedony.  The opal can be any color from white to peach to pink to orange to red, and the chalcedony can be anywhere from almost clear to almost black, with shades of blue in between.  The Singleton Ranch was originally 3 different ranches.  The heirs sold it in 2017 and the new owners divided it back into the three ranches.  The new owners are very much against allowing rockhunters on their land.
Buckets of agate, jasper and quartz specimens from the Singleton Ranch.   
24 buckets available at $200 each.  
These buckets also contain cutting pieces that I though had a greater value as specimens than they would as cutting stones.
Buckets of Stillwell Ranch agates.  
1 bucket available at $250.  
The Stillwell Ranch was an amazing ranch for rockhounds.  Some of the hills appeared to be huge piles of rounded rocks that came down the Rio Grande from New Mexico or Colorado in prehistory, when the river was many miles wide.  These rounded cobbles are often called “Rio Grande Agate”, and can be plume or sagenite, moss or fortification or tube agates in  just about any color. There was also petrified wood, flint, chert, fossils and calcite easily found on the ranch.  In one day, on one hillside, I found nicely agatized wood in nine different color combinations!  The Stillwell Ranch was open for rockhunting from the 1960s until the summer of 2019, when the ranch was sold. 
Bucket Stillwell Ranch specimens.   
Buckets of Rio Grande Agate.