Last Email Message Beore Rockhunts Start

This is my last official email for the upcoming rockhunts. Please check the table below to make sure your information is right. Reminders: All trips start at the Antelope Lodge, 2310 W. Highway 90, Alpine. If you’re staying someplace outside of Alpine, where that would mean extra driving for you, please get in touch with me and we can make arrangements to meet someplace between Alpine and the collecting site.

East Needle Peak starts at 6 a.m. Trip to collecting area is about 100 miles each way. Please have your gas tank full at start of hunt for ENP.

Singleton, starts at 8. Cash only. Trip to collecting area is about 45 – 50 miles each way. Walker at 8. Trip to collecting area is 18 – 24 miles each way.

Ritchie at 9. No one signed up currently for Ritchie. Is that right? Have I missed something? If no one signs up for the Ritchie hunt next Wednesday, it’ll be cancelled, so PLEASE let me know if you want to go on that hunt.

General: Please have your vehicle in good condition. Check your coolant, engine oil, and brake fluid before you go. Take extra coolant and windshield washer fluid. Check the air pressure in your tires and AIR UP YOUR SPARE TIRE. Dress to protect yourself from sun and plants with spines and thorns. Long pants, long sleeves, boots, sunscreen, a hat and gloves are a good idea. Minimal tools are needed for collecting: something to collect in (bucket, canvas shoulder bags, backpacks).

I carry a gem scoop and a 1-piece stainless steel table knife, a denture brush and chopsticks for cleaning dirt out of specimens, and also a small squirt bottle and tiny ziplocks. Others carry a rock hammer, crack hammer, pick, prybars, etc. Some folks carry a walking stick, a 4-tined rake, or something similar. Construction/flagging tape is great if you wish to mark a location. If you don’t have any ask me, I have plenty.

You want lots and lots of water. I weigh about 130 lbs, and I drink about 1/2 liter every hour. That’s just enough to keep me from getting dehydrated, so adjust it up if you weigh more than I do. And bring your lunch and snacks, too. Cell phones work at some of the places we rockhunt, but not at others. They’re great cameras, usually, and worth bringing along even if you can’t use them. Some people carry walkie-talkies if they’re hunting with friends or family so they can scatter and still keep in touch.


See you next week! Teri

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