Spring 2022 Rockhunts Scheduled!

Hi Y’all!  Below is my complete rockhunting schedule for the Spring of 2022.  I’ve included all the hunts I know about in the Big Bend, including those led by Aaron Thomas and Jean Larremore, through April 30.  Both Aaron and Jean are leading hunts in May, but I stopped my calendar at the end of my hunts in order to get it out sooner…

Aaron, Jean and I work independently of each other.  Each of us will be booking our own trips.  Contact information for all of us is here:

Teri Smith’s rockhunts:  email me at agatehunter@sbcglobal.net or teri@terismithrockhunts.com.  If no one has signed up for a rockhunt 48 hours before it’s to start, I will cancel the hunt and make other plans.  But if even just one person signs up, the rockhunt will happen.  If the rockhunt is going to happen, you can just show up at the meeting location and go.

Aaron Thomas’ rockhunts:  email him at texastakeahike@gmail.com, or visit the website www.takeahiketexas.com

Jean Larremore’s rockhunts: email her at jeanlarremore@yahoo.com, or through Facebook messenger.  Please make your reservation with her at least 2 or 3 days before the rockhunt.

I will be sending out another email soon that contains my trip rules and guidelines of what to bring, wear, and do.  Each ranch is a little different, so it’s important to check with the leader of your field tip about unusual circumstances (such as your bringing your pet aardvark along, bringing a bulldozer, or inviting Queen Elizabeth to join us).

I hope to see y’all out here this spring!



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