FREE Rockhound barbecue planned

For all of you who will be in town on the night of Sunday, April 21, there will be a free rockhound barbecue at the Antelope Lodge.  We do this each time we have weekend rockhunts because there aren’t many restaurants open for dinner on Sunday, and we certainly don’t want rockhunters to go hungry.

The sponsor of this event is Johnny French, who brings brisket with him from the Corpus Christi area so we can have an incredible feast.  The Antelope Lodge’s resident barbecue artists, Russ and Brenda Condra, perform their magic on the fixins, and everybody has a great time.

So please join us at around 6 pm on Sunday, April 21, for some great food and rockhound talk about the “one that got away” (although we have no idea HOW a rock would get away).  We’ll serve iced tea and water.  If you would like alcoholic beverages, please bring them with you.

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