Help Santa out this year and buy Holiday Gift Rock Buckets from me.

It’s time again to start considering what to give your favorite rockhounds for the holidays.   Obviously, the answer is not just ‘rocks’, or even ‘great rocks’,  but ‘large quantities of great rocks’.  To make your rock shopping easier, I’ve gathered more Walker Ranch cutting agates, and dropped the price on some other categories of rocks.  And, if you order soon,  I can pack them and ship them to you before the holiday rush.  Or, you can come out for rockhunts and pick them up yourself.  Here’s what I’m featuring:

Walker Ranch cutting agate, $250 per bucket.

Walker Ranch and Big Bend Crystal and Botryoidal Specimens, $100 per bucket.

Ritchie Ranch agate, $100 per bucket.

As you may recall, I ran out of buckets of Walker Ranch cutting agate last spring.  However, I’ve figured out a way to gather Walker Ranch agate from a number of different types of buckets (Walker Ranch specimens, Misc. Agate, Misc. Rocks, Cut Ends, agate sorted by color, agate nodules, etc.)   That idea is working well.  I’ve gone through different buckets to find the Walker Ranch agate, and I now have 2 buckets of Walker Ranch agate to sell.    I believe I’ll have perhaps 10 more by the time I’m done.  Although these buckets are not ‘unsearched’, they are full of great stuff!  I’m not holding out any cutting material that I find in the other buckets or anything like that.

Because the Walker Ranch specimen buckets have been raided for Walker Ranch cutting agate, I can’t say they’re ‘unsearched’ anymore, so I’m selling the Walker Ranch ‘searched’  specimen buckets, and many other buckets of crystal and botryoidal specimens, at $100 per bucket.

I’ve also reduced the price on the Ritchie Ranch buckets to $100 each, through the end of the year.

Shipping cost is $50 per bucket.  I take checks, PayPal, and cash.



P.S.  I’ve had people ask me for details of the new ranch Aaron Thomas is beginning to lead fieldtrips on.  I really know nothing about it, except that it’s just north and east of Alpine, and Aaron has shown me photos of wonderful agates that came from there.   If you would like further information, please email Aaron at, or

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