Walker Ranch sold and permanently closed to rockhounds.

Bad news for Texas rockhounds. There is no more Walker Ranch. Enough members of the family got together to force a sale. It now belongs to the Wood family who bought the Woodward Ranch. They have a bad feeling for rockhunters because a lot of people didn’t know the Woodward had closed and they were chasing trespassers off the ranch for months after they bought it.
However, the Walker wasn’t the only site available for hunting red plume agate, peanut agate and the other great varieties of agate that the area is known for. The South Larremore Ranch has ‘float’ agate from the mountains to the north of it in the whole Calamity Creek watershed.
I’m preparing my Fall schedule now and hope to have it posted in a week or two.

6 thoughts on “Walker Ranch sold and permanently closed to rockhounds.

  1. Dear Teri Smith. How can we contact you about agate hunting trips? We will be in west Texas in 2 weeks.

    John Hill, Ames Iowa

    • Hi! I’m afraid I don’t have any hunts because I’ll be out of town when you get here. but you can always go to the Stillwell Ranch without a guide. They’re located south of Marathon, near Big Bend National Park, on Ranch Road 2627, just off Highway 385. The cost is only 50 cents per lb. for the rock you take. You can call them at (432) 376-2244 for details.

    • My schedule is finally complete for November 2018 through January 2019, and I’m posting it today. Sorry to be so late with it, but I needed to know my own schedule before I could share it!

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