Plan Ahead for the Walker Ranch fall 2014 Rockhunt!

So that you can begin planning for the Fall Rockhunting Season, Bryan Crumpton has looked at his schedule, and has two weekends in October when he could come out to do a field trip. The trip would be a total of 6 days, probably, and the fees will be the same as they were in the Spring.

The dates are the third weekend in October (where Saturday is the 18th) and the fourth weekend in October (where Saturday is the 25th). Remember that the trip would likely begin on Wednesday and go through Monday.

Right now, all I need is to know which weekend would work best for you. We’ll work out the details once we have the weekend set. There will certainly be hunts to the Singleton Ranch, East Needle Peak, and the Ritchie Ranch before and after the Walker hunt.

By the way, there’s been some measurable rain out here, so there should be more agate uncovered all over the region! And Calamity Creek is running again!

If there’s a chance at all that you can make it this fall, let me know which weekend you’d prefer. I hope to see you all out here this Fall!