Winter Weather Causing Rockhunt Cancellations

Sigh. I didn’t move out to the desert to be cold. This is the coldest, snowiest, iciest winter I’ve been through in my almost 20 years in Alpine. All this cold stuff is survivable, except that when there’s snow on the ground you can’t go agate hunting because they’re hidden under the snow. Now that’s a real bummer!

To those of you considering coming out to Alpine to hunt agate this winter, I promise I’ll do my best to make sure you have a great trip, regardless of the weather.  I’ve gone rockhunting in cold below freezing, and if you’re dressed for it, it can be a great experience, as long as there’s no ice or snow on the ground to keep you from finding the agates.  Any precipitation, whether in the form of rain or snow, washes the dust off of the rocks and brings many new agates to light..  And in between the cold snaps there have been wonderful days when the weather has been as high as 70, with bright, clear skies.

And the nice warm days of spring are just around the corner, so make your plans for the spring.  I’ll be sending out an email soon about the hunts at the Walker Ranch in April, and the Singleton Ranch hunts are ongoing.