Two Weeks of October Rockhunts Scheduled!

Hi Y’all! I’ve finally gotten a calendar together for all the Walker Ranch hunts in October, and the hunts to the Singleton Ranch and East Needle Peak that go on around them. The schedule is below:

Thursday, 10/9 Singleton Ranch
Friday, 10/10 Singleton Ranch
Saturday, 10/11 Singleton Ranch
Sunday, 10/12 Singleton Ranch
Monday, 10/13 Teri’s Day Off
Tuesday, 10/14 East Needle Peak
Wednesday, 10/15 Singleton Ranch
Thursday, 10/16 Walker Ranch
Friday, 10/17 Walker Ranch
Saturday, 10/18 Walker Ranch
Sunday, 10/19 Walker Ranch
Monday, 10/20 Walker Ranch
Tuesday, 10/21 Singleton Ranch
Wednesday, 10/22 Teri’s Day Off
Thursday, 10/23 Walker Ranch
Friday, 10/24 Walker Ranch
Saturday, 10/25 Walker Ranch
Sunday, 10/26 Walker Ranch
Monday, 10/27 Walker Ranch
Tuesday, 10/28 Singleton
Wednesday, 10/29 Singleton
Thursday, 10/30 East Needle Peak

If you’re interested in going to the Ritchie Ranch during that time, please let me know, and I’ll try to figure out how to accommodate everything… if at all possible. The Ritchie is so close to Alpine that it doesn’t require a lot of travel, so we can go for less than a whole day if you wish.

Below is a list of people who expressed interest in the trip to the Walker Ranch. Please let me know whether to sign you up for the trip(s). I would like to know the number of people in your group, the starting date, and the number of days you wish to hunt at the Walker, as well as which other hunts you would like to go on.

Backo, John, 1 person, 10/16 weekend
Cantou, Pierre, 1 person, 10/16 weekend
Contreras, Michael, 10/16 weekend
De Hoyos, Joe, 1 person, 10/16 weekend
Easom, Caroline, 2 people, 10/16 weekend
Foegelle, Bobbie, 2 people, 10/16 weekend
French, Johnny, 1 person, 10/23 weekend
Haffey Suzanne, 2 people, 10/23 weekend
Ivie, Steve, 1 person or 2 people, 10/16 weekend
Jahn, Andy, 1 person, 10/16 weekend
Kendall, Jim, 1 person, Either weekend
Maples, Julia, 1 person, 10/23 weekend
Montgomery, Mark, 1 person, 10/16 weekend
Morgenstern, Bill, 2 people, Either weekend
Newberg, Steve, 1 person
Ramsay, Rick, 2 people, 10/23 weekend
Redmond, Robert, 1 person, 10/16 weekend
Tindell, Ed, 1 person, 10/16 weekend
Tucker, Jack, 2 people, 10/23 weekend
Violetti, Delrae, 10/23 weekend
Waugh, Steve, 1 person, 10/16 weekend

The Walker Ranch trips require payment of half the fee in advance. If you send your fee postmarked by September 16, and received by Saturday, September 20, you get a free day at the end of your rockhunt.

We’ll need to have a minimum of 20 people who have paid their deposits by September 30 for each weekend in order to have that weekend of the rockhunt happen. The price is still the same: $75 per person per day, or $150 per person for 3 days. The fourth and fifth days are $35 each.

To send your Walker Ranch deposit in, please make a check out to Bryan Crumpton for half of your total fee, and send it c/o Teri Smith, 509 N. 8th Street, Alpine, TX 79830.

You don’t need to send me deposits for the Singleton Ranch and the East Needle Peak rockhunts. However, you do need to let me know that you are coming on those hunts. If no one signs up for a hunt, I’ll cancel it, so I need to know that you are coming.

Also, remember that Rolllin’ Rock Club membership is required for all of my rockhunts, and it costs $10 single/$16 dual for the 2014 calendar year.



Walker Ranch Rockhunts Scheduled for October 16 – 27

An unusual thing happened when I counted the votes for when to hold the Fall Walker Ranch rockhunts.  Amazingly, the vote count for both weekends turned out exactly the same.  So Bryan Crumpton has graciously consented to offer field trips on BOTH weekends.

Here are the dates:

Hunt 1 will be Thursday, October 16 – 20 bonus day(s) of 21 & 22
Hunt 2 will be Thursday, October 23 – 27 bonus day(s) of 22 & 27

Sign-ups are starting now, so if you are planning on coming, please email me.  Those who pay their fees prior to September 16 (postmark date) can hunt one extra day for free!

We’ll need to have a minimum of 20 people who have paid their deposits by September 30 for each weekend in order to have that weekend of the rockhunt happen. The price is still the same: $75 per person per day, or $150 per person for 3 days. The fourth and fifth days are $35 each.

Now, if you schedule is such that you can’t come exactly on either weekend but can come sometime  between them, email me the particulars and I’m sure we can figure out how to accommodate your schedule.

It has rained here in town quite a bit, and I understand that there’s been lots of rain on the ranch.   There should be enough good agate showing on the ground there to make it easy to find great treasures!

Please email me back if you’re interested in hunting at the Walker, at (or reply to this email), and let me know how many people will be in your group. We’d love to have clubs come out at that time! As usual, you will be able to dry camp on the ranch if you wish, at no cost.  Your reservation won’t be confirmed until you send a deposit of half the cost of the rockhunt. I’ll send you the details about the deposit once you tell me you are coming.

Those of you who have been here know that this ranch is certainly worth the price of admission.    If you haven’t been to the Walker Ranch, check out my website,, for information and photos.  On our last trip in April, Rodney Moore, a rockhound and international gem dealer from Georgia, sold one Walker Ranch nodule (“biscuit”) at the gem show for enough to pay for his entrance fees!

I will be leading field trips to different ranches before and after the Walker Ranch hunts as long as people are interested and my stamina holds out.   I’ll send out another email in a day or two to give you the season’s schedule for the fabulous Singleton Ranch, East Needle Peak, and the Ritchie Ranch.  For those of you with kids, I’m planning trips to the Ritchie Ranch, which is ideal for children and people with limited mobility,  for Christmas vacation and spring break.  More details to come!

I look forward to seeing y’all in October and beyond.


P.S.  Of course, the preferred place to stay is the Antelope Lodge.  Check us out at